Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to take a break from this busy world we live in. 

I never had intentions of making a mini series until after I made this piece for a contest based in Calgary. Although I didn't win it did motivate and inspired me to turn my clutter thoughts into something more bearable. During this period of isolation I feel like we've become workaholics not knowing when to take a break or if we even deserve to take a break. It's hard to not feel guilty about stepping away from our busy schedules and giving ourselves time to breathe. However, we should always remind ourselves and others that it's never a crime to take a break.

Who's Your Flower?
In this bed of flowers you're the PRETTIEST<3

I find compliments to always be uncalled for and a delightful surprise. Especially when it's told in a witty way. I believe everyone deserves to hear a compliment about them and feel the small joy that comes from it. 
You Can Stay Under My Umbrella
A Valentine's Day Special

Every Valentine's Day an old memory of when I was a child would pop into my mind. It was a memory of my siblings and I buying this Valentine Frog animatronic that would dance to Umbrella by Rihanna. We bought it for my mom, because we all found it funny. I thought this was a perfect time to share that memory. 

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