Issue 02: Preserve is not only about preserving food but also the act of passing down knowledge and culture. As I worked with the founders of Hungry Zine on this issue I was able to read many enriching stories and poems from contributors about their experiences of preserving their culture through food. I found myself being able to relate to the failure of being in touch with my culture due to lack of access to it, but I was also able to celebrate the victories of cooking my mother’s meal. 

Working on this project that bridges communities through food has been a very influential experience in my design career. Not only was I able to learn about different cultures but also learn the process of risograph printing. A printing style that is environmentally friendly through the use of vegetable-oil-based inks that dries through absorption rather than heat. Due to this new style of printing, I was challenged to work with two spot colours only, playing with varying opacities and overlapping techniques.

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