During this time of isolation, it was very obvious the way I interacted with my environment and myself had changed dramatically. Figuring out a way of staying connected with my friends and family wasn't very hard because we have the technology to overcome the space between each other. But I think what was hard for me was seeing the space with myself starting to diminish. What scared me was the big jump from always eating with a group of people to always eating alone. During times with others, I felt like food always brought people together to have conversations and make connections, but now I have them with myself. At first, it was daunting to face my thoughts but now I see it as a blessing in disguise as I have reached a whole new level of connection with myself. Eating alone is now a new skill I have learned and enjoyed. I wonder how many others have made deeper connections with themselves through the act of eating alone.

With this image I had the honor of receiving second place in the photo contest. This was a more personal project of mines so it felt very rewarding and was also an opportunity to take a break from school projects to focus on one with a stronger and richer narrative. 

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