These two photographs work together to explore the themes of structure and modern power through the usage of a colour diptych. The colours purple and orange fill the spaces in between each other to portray aspects of modern royalty and the intricacies of a strong structure. The photographed portrait in pastel purple is a modern take on royal purple signifying loyalty, power and strength. I chose a younger model to signify youth and did a bold purple eyeshadow look to accentuate her gaze of mystery. By dressing her in dazzling pearl jewelry I wanted the pearls to represent the hidden knowledge of youth in today's society. This is my take on what modern-day power looks like; educated youths being bold and educated, they are the foundation for our future. 

Working alongside the portrait photo is an abstract macro photograph of an everyday fruit, a bright orange. The colour orange represents determination and fascination. The orange itself has a hard exterior but inside reveals intricate details of veins and cavities holding juice and pulp. The orange is a symbolic metaphor for a structure and power. The orange has a hard exterior masking the behind-the-scenes of leadership and construct. Peeling back the skin reveals multiple levels of protection, discussions and plans building a strong foundation towards success and security.

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